Ash Diseas -Chalara Fraxinea

A disease of Ash trees caused by a fungus called Chalara fraxinea has currently been in the news. The disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees and it may lead to tree death. Ash trees suffering from symptoms likely to be caused by Chalara fraxinea have been found in the UK in new landscape planting schemes, forests and parks, following the interception in a consignment of infected trees sent from a nursery in the Netherlands to a nursery in the south of England earlier this year. Chalara fraxinea is being treated as a quarantine pest under national emergency measures.

Up to date information is available on the Forestry Commission’s website:

On this website there is a pictorial guide of the disease symptoms to view. The specific characteristics of this disease can be very similar to symptoms of other diseases affecting Ash trees seen in the UK. Suspected cases of Chalara fraxinea on Ash trees will therefore require expert diagnosis.

We hope this helps anyone who is worried about their Ash trees - any queries or if you would like help with diagnosis - please contact me.