Useful Information

Useful Information

Trees are an important part of our environment and provide a habitat for a large proportion of our wildlife. Some of these species, like dormice and bats are protected by legislation. This can place restrictions on the timing of work and the methods used.

Trees in the urban area provide the community with numerous benefits such as:

  • Filtering dust & pollution from the atmosphere: reducing the suffering of asthmatics.
  • Offering shade & shelter to people & animals: keeping our environment cool on hot summer day.
  • Encouraging birds & wildlife: offering roost and nest sites, while also providing food. Reducing noise levels: by forming sound barriers between gardens and busy roads.
  • Providing screening & privacy: forming a barrier between gardens or obscuring an unwanted view.
  • Turning our C02 into breathable 02: natural air conditioning maintaining the sustainability of our environment.
  • Improving our views of the landscape around us

In order to keep the trees in your garden providing you with all of these, often irreplaceable benefits, it is important to make sure that the people pruning them understand and appreciate the value of the trees in your garden, have been professionally trained and are appropriately qualified.

However, trees can also be hazardous, developing features that can lead to failure, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. It is essential that arborists are trained to recognise tree growth characteristics which indicate the presence of decay or internal fractures which might result in branch failure.

You don't have to look far or hear stories to see examples of poor advice, bad workmanship and extortionate prices; you want to be sure that your trees get expert attention - at a fair price.